i like it when computers do cool stuff

hi welcome to the page where i put a bunch of cool youtube links of demoscenes that i came across and like a lot

WARNING!!! A lot of these have rapidly flashing colours


Future Crew - Second Reality
disasterarea - Equinox

Modern PC

Farbrausch - fr-041: debris.
Farbrausch - fr-08: .the .product
CNDC/Fairlight - Number one / Another one (This one lagged on my brother's nvidia 3080)
Carillon & Cyberiad & Fairlight - Sokia
cocoon - Insight In An Unsizable World
mercury - delight
Farbrausch - fr-043: rove
5711 & Farbrausch - fr-099: Aphelion
Farbrausch - fr-062: the cube
Farbrausch - fr-025: the.popular.demo
Farbrausch - fr-024: welcome to
Razor 1911 - Deus Ex - Mankind Divided Cracktro
Razor 1911 - Starcraft 2 Cracktro


The Black Lotus - EON
Phenomena - Enigma

Commodore 64

Micro Hexagon (not a demo but still cool nontheless, and the music slaps)
Second Reality C64 Demake
Shape - Artillery
Shape - Apocalypso Disco
Booze Design - Treu Love

Sega Genesis

TiTAN - Overdrive
TiTAN - Overdrive 2
Exocet - Red Eyes

Atari 2600

XAYAX - Bang!


HEOHdemo - an NES demo

Super Nintendo

elix - Smash It!
elix - nu


Is That A Demo In Your Pocket?

Raspberry Pi

Desire - Raspberry Psy
The Bad Sectors - Uranus Flowers


Jumalauta - Puroresu no Seishin
Ate Bit - Ad Astra
rawArgon - snäkätor
Jumalauta - Techno-Utopian Edict
Matt Current - White Ale in Benin
POD - Orbys

BBC Micro

Bitshifters - BEEB-NICCC


Coding Secrets - Overdrive Explained (former game developer and his channel is filled with a bunch of behind the scenes stuff)